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If you would like to learn about how to get involved, please find the contact info of the team member in charge here.


Airplay is WNUR’s live in-studio recording program, with shows airing Saturday afternoons. For several decades, the program has broadcasted live sessions of both local and touring bands that have stopped by the station to play a set and / or give an interview. Over the years, Airplay has hosted musicians from the likes of Damo Suzuki of CAN to Luke Vibert and Jeff Tweedy, even recording the Smashing Pumpkins before they’d been picked up by any label. These sessions and interviews are recorded using WNUR’s newly-outfitted production control room and are engineered and mixed by student DJs.


Airplay is an incredible opportunity for anyone interested in audio engineering or music production to get hands-on recording experience working with bands of all different genres and backgrounds. In addition, DJs get the opportunity to book any bands they so choose, building connections with folks operating in the scenes they admire. Airplay engineers and DJs work at varying levels of commitment, putting in as much time as they feel comfortable. Anyone interested in the recording or business end of music is highly encouraged to stop by the show!



Slated in the wee hours on weekdays, Freeform is a haven for students and community members whose creative tendencies fall beyond our daytime programming blocks. Our late-night shows bring oft-unorganized noise to listeners who stay awake to take it the experimental audio collage that its DJs curate. Freeform DJs take up blocks to test talk show content, lean into new niches, get off the ground at WNUR, or just get groggy.



Our Handpicked programs, led mostly by WNUR’s community members, bare the passionate, dedicated DJs that power the core of the station. Some shows are going on decades, others one-off projects. They span folk, blues, roots, religion, talk and comedy; they’re brought to life by musicians, historians, local leaders, and sometimes even students.



WNUR Jazz is dedicated to continuing and representing the vibrancy and life of jazz music in its entirety. We consider it important to understand that jazz is not one specific style, but rather a diaspora of styles and musical ideas that have similar musical roots in the blues (even though the actual execution may be very different). Jazz is a uniquely American art form, although it has now expanded far beyond the borders of just one nation, and it is inherently interwoven with the ideals of freedom, democracy, and personal expression.


We at WNUR Jazz strive to portray the full global spectrum of jazz- both the traditions and history of the music as well as its many frontiers. We pride ourselves on the musical diversity of our staff as each DJ has their own unique musical interests and tastes. We see this musical diversity as a tool to help us all expand our musical boundaries, each day learning and growing both musically as well as personally and intellectually. For that reason, we welcome any and all who are interested in jazz, no matter how limited their exposure may be. WNUR Jazz vehemently rejects the narrow-minded notion that “jazz is dead,” and especially know, at a time when it seems like our country is slowly losing sight of democracy, jazz is as relevant today as it ever was.


Rock Show

The Rock Show provides a medium for otherwise unheard music across both terrestrial radio and the Web. To that end, the Rock Show specializes in independent, experimental and underground music—from right here in Chicago, across the country, and around the world. The Rock Show plays anything that attempts to expand the boundaries of music, and not just if it’s got guitars in it.



WNUR Streetbeat is a show dedicated to showcasing the sound of the electronic and hip-hop underground. It was officially launched in 1983 as a spin off of the Soul Show, which explored eclectic rhythms from disco to spoken word throughout the 1970s. Streetbeat has an incredible legacy—it was one of the first shows to play Chicago house music over the airwaves. Two of the genre’s pioneers, Frankie Knuckles and Jesse Saunders, were interviewed on Streetbeat.


In the 1990s, Streetbeat expanded its influence as a wellspring of underrepresented electronic music. The Strictly Jungle Show, hosted by DJ Snuggles, was the first weekly drum ‘n’ bass show in the country, and internationally acclaimed DJs Mark Farina and Derrick Carter both hosted shows on Streetbeat. Streetbeat also hosted the late, legendary musician and producer DJ Rashad, a pioneer of Chicago footwork.


Today, the show is home to community DJs including Michael Serafini, owner of Gramophone Records, as well as Ariel Zetina, a Northwestern alum who regularly spins and curates events at renowned Chicago venues like Smartbar and Berlin Nightclub and is part of Discwoman, a collective showcasing female-identifying artists in the electronic music community. Northwestern alum Lauren Lowery, who joined Streetbeat in 1985, continues to celebrate the magic of the Chicago scene with her co-host Lori Branch on their show “Vintage House.” Those who join Streetbeat learn how to DJ, which is pretty cool, but they also join a community of people who are passionate about preserving the history of dance music and pushing it into unchartered waters.



If you want to have your audio journalism shared on a real radio station, WNUR News would love to have you! Audio journalism is a unique form of storytelling; it’s intimate, casual, and powerful, and it’s great for multitasking audiences. On the WNUR News team, we have anchors, producers, and reporters who put together newscasts three days a week. Reporters make packages about campus / Evanston news and arts and entertainment news, and they choose what to report. That way you can tell the stories that interest you most! We also report local, national, international, and oddities stories from the Associated Press. An ever-evolving group, we are working on adding new elements for the upcoming year including podcasts and on-air interviews. WNUR News is a collaborative student-led group, and we’d love to work with you to gain experience in audio reporting and make our organization the best it can be! Check us out on our SoundCloud here.


WNUR Sports

WNUR Sports is the student-run sports radio group at Northwestern. We provide coverage of all Northwestern sports- not just football and men’s basketball- through a variety of platforms including live broadcasts of games, weekly on-air sports radio talk shows, our website, and our wide array of podcasts. WNUR Sports is unique in the student sports media arena because of its access to Northwestern teams; we are the flagship station of women’s basketball and baseball games, an agreement that allows us to broadcast home and road games while traveling with the team. We have also sent crews to Northwestern football bowl games, countless NCAA Tournament appearances, and more.


Beyond the access, WNUR Sports is a great option because there is no barrier to entry. If you show up to a meeting, you can find yourself on a podcast or with a byline on our website within days, and broadcasting games shortly thereafter. We welcome everyone with an interest in Northwestern sports. Whether you like to write, broadcast, or podcast, are looking for a community of fellow sports fans, or just want to try something new- WNUR Sports is for you. Meetings are open and take place in Louis Hall room 119 at 9pm every Tuesday night.

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WNUR Media Team

WNUR Media is WNUR’s music publication, showcasing underrepresented artists through coverage of concerts, festivals, and music news in Chicago and the world. We are a fast-growing, passionate team looking to give like-minded individuals an outlet to share anything music-related on Last year, we covered over 150+ shows and festivals including Pitchfork, Riot Fest and SXSW and produced our own zine, WNUR Wavelength. This will continue into this school year as we plan on publishing a zine quarterly and keeping up with our live coverage while expanding the scope of what we do. If you love music and desire an inclusive environment in which to share that, WNUR Media is for you. It can be as low or high commitment as you want, with opportunities for leadership roles as we grow. WNUR Media wants you! 



The WNUR Events team members serve as curators and producers of live events that channel the station’s on-air mission. By offering in-person experiences that challenge the status-quo for concerts and arts productions, WNUR events are yet another engaging way for members of our community to enjoy and learn about underrepresented art. We aim to produce events that are open to the public, like the Rock Show’s Sonic Celluloid and the station-wide Transference Fest – both of which were held at Elastic Arts in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. Stay tuned on the air and online for info on upcoming WNUR events!