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  • Soccer Mommy at Thalia Hall

    By Ethan Shanfeld Photos by Christian Wade 29 Sept, 2021 “It’s like basically October, which means Halloween is approaching,” said Sophie Allison, better known by her stage name, Soccer Mommy. Before launching into “lucy,” she continued, “I’d like to start a little early and get spooky.” But there was nothing scary about Soccer Mommy’s set […]

  • Gosh Diggity, Live near Logan Square

    By Lucas Sant’Anna Photos by Gaby Sant’Anna, Lucas Sant’Anna, and provided by the band A food scientist, a math degree, and an aspiring physical therapist comprise the young Chicago band Gosh Diggity.  I had the opportunity to attend their house show in Logan Square, one of the few and cherished live music experiences I’ve been […]

  • WNUR’s favorite albums of 2020

    Pictured, from top: Liv.e, Waxahatchee and SahBabii for their respective albums, Couldn’t Wait to Tell You…, Saint Cloud and Barnacles. (Graphic/Yasmeen Altaji) In a listener’s world, the end of 2020 means more than the start of a new year. Consequences of COVID-19 lockdowns altered the entertainment landscape, and adaptation to limitations made for a year unparalleled […]

  • Ex Okays bring punk energy to the Chicago DIY scene

    By Ethan Shanfeld Photos by Alejandro Uribe, Susanna Kemp “There’s been a few times I’ve had to stand outside bars until it’s our turn to play,” 20-year-old Johnny Cummings said. The singer-guitarist was clutching a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Sitting on the living room sofa in their Logan Square apartment, Ex Okays — made up of […]


    By Amirah Ford and Ethan Shanfeld “You’re talkin’ to me like a child. Hey I’ve got news for you, I’m not a little girl,” demands Lydia Night on “Seashore,” the defiant punk jam that put her band The Regrettes on the map. She was barely 16 when the song came out.  On behalf of Mayfest, […]

  • DIGITAL DILLO 2020 Artist Announcement

    by Alexandra Chang Jai Wolf is the moniker of Sajeeb Saha, a Bangladeshi EDM music producer based in New York. Known for his lush, dream pop aesthetic, no music is more fitting for this year’s festival theme: Neon Nature. While his hit single “Indian Summer” first put him on the map in 2015, Jai Wolf […]

  • Mayfest Announces Digital Dillo

    by Ethan Shanfeld On April 29, Mayfest Productions announced Digital Dillo, a virtual music festival to be held on May 30 exclusively for Northwestern students. The shift from an in-person Dillo Day to an online concert comes in light of CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 and the university’s decision to maintain a remote format for the […]

  • Anna of the North at Lincoln Hall

    By Avery Adams 25 Feb, 2020 Anna Lotterud left a mark on Lincoln Hall — I’m not sure I can say it was a good mark, but I’m sure no one in that venue can forget her presence on Feb 25. Lotterud can be better recognized by her stage name Anna of the North; or […]

  • Saint Motel at the Vic

    By Ronit Kitei Photos by Sydney Crawford 27 Feb, 2020 I started listening to Saint Motel when I was only 14 years old, after the release of the My Type EP. My dad and I would listen in the car together on the way to soccer games and school events until eventually we were both […]

  • Shakey Graves at SPACE

    By Ethan Shanfeld Photos by Devon Spungin 18 Feb, 2020 Closing out a three-night “mini residency” at Evanston’s very own SPACE on Tuesday, February 18, Shakey Graves delivered a two-set acoustic show, scattering pieces of his adventurous life story in between stripped-down folk and Americana tunes. Alone on stage with an acoustic guitar, Shakey Graves […]