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  • A Conversation with The Nude Party

    BY ETHAN SHANFELD PHOTOS BY CHRISTIAN WADE 7 OCT, 2021 Somewhere between Appalachia and Laurel Canyon — between Neil Young and The Velvet Underground — lies The Nude Party. The North Carolina band dazzled on stage at Lincoln Hall on Thursday, bringing their twangy, fuzzy, booze-soaked brand of rock of roll to Chicago. Sporting bolo […]

  • A Conversation with JAWNY

    BY CATIE MOORE PHOTOS BY CHRISTIAN WADE Jacob Sullenger, better known by his moniker JAWNY, is no stranger to social media or name changes. The singer/songwriter/producer refuses to be defined by a single sound or genre, instead choosing to focus on the story he tells with his music. With the release of his most recent […]

  • A conversation with Girl K

    BY SUSANNA KEMP Photo by Maddie Rogers Girl K makes tunes that are catchy and irresistible. I first saw the band the spring before last when they opened for a show I was covering at Beat Kitchen. My friend and I weren’t familiar with any of their music, but we couldn’t help dancing.  With Kathy […]

  • A conversation with Anisha

    BY STUART SUMNER PHOTOS BY PRAMILA SRIVASTAVA Anisha Srivastava has no problem calling herself an alien. Referred to as ET by her close friends, Anisha likes to use beats as a jumping-off point, drifting to new planets and reporting back in the form of lyric and melody. At 25, Anisha has been influenced by genres […]

  • A conversation with Okey Dokey

    ARTICLE AND GRAPHICS BY CAI CRAMER Okey Dokey is no longer a band. The Nashville-based group has evolved past the need for such constricting labels. Their new, sketchy-edged form takes shape as an ambiguous “community,” composed of each musician, producer, editor and artist who has touched their upcoming album, Once Upon One Time. Frontmen Johny […]

  • A conversation with Gus Dapperton

    BY ETHAN SHANFELD PHOTO BY JESS FARRAN Brendan Rice is shirtless and (mostly) hairless when he appears on our Zoom call. Better known as his alter ego, Gus Dapperton, he usually rocks a neon-colored bowl cut and sparkly jewelry. Now, the bedroom popstar looks unmasked. He claims the new look is unintentional, but it matches […]

  • A conversation with Appleby

    BY ETHAN SHANFELD PHOTOS BY JESSICA ROBINSON Appleby is done moving in secret. For a while, not even his mother knew he was making music. Now, the Chicago singer-songwriter is showing his face and proudly adopting his mother’s maiden name, Appleby, as a representation of unity and humility. Appleby has a knack for writing catchy […]

  • A conversation with Tenci

    BY SUSANNA KEMP PHOTO BY ASHLEIGH DYE You might not guess that Tenci, the project of Chicagoan Jess Shoman, is from the city. Their debut LP, My Heart Is An Open Field, is filled with references to the outdoors: wind, a creek, snakes. And their music videos feature sprawling deserts and empty, winding roads. In […]

  • Northwestern Grad Alex Banin on “About April,” creative whims and writing in quarantine

    BY YASMEEN ALTAJI PHOTO BY MICHAEL DEL ROSARIO From humble beginnings attending a songwriting workshop on campus as a sophomore to charming audiences in the basements of DIY house shows as a senior, New York-native, Chicago-based singer-songwriter Alex Banin has managed to round up a rapidly growing fan base as she breaks into Chicago’s music […]

  • A Conversation With The O’My’s

    BY ETHAN SHANFELD PHOTO COURTESY OF THE O’MY’S The O’My’s don’t make soul music — they make “soulful” music. Maceo Vidal-Haymes and Nick Hennessey grew up in Chicago and have spent their career honing their craft and collaborating with the city’s most influential voices. The genre-bending duo have been making music together for over a […]