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  • XYLØ is finally finding her voice, and there couldn’t be anything more beautiful [Interview]

    Words and photography by Rachel Kupfer Known for her honest lyricism and indie sound, Paige Duddy comes across as your everyday pop star, complete with long blonde hair, killer vocal chops and sultry Instagram selfies. In reality, she’s a boss ass bitch. Performing under her stage name XYLØ, the 25-year-old has had a wild ride […]

  • A Conversation with Charlie Parr

    by Finn Hewes 16 May, 2019 Charlie Parr, the Duluth-based folk-blues crooner, kicked off yet another tour here in Chicago this past Thursday night at Lincoln Hall. He’s accompanied on this tour by his friend Phil Cook. I’ve been a fan of Charlie’s since I first stumbled across his work in 2016, when Stumpjumper— an […]

  • Interview with Tim Atlas at Schuba’s

    By Ben Moskow Photos by Kennedi Holloway 5 May 2019   Oakland-born, LA-raised Tim Atlas has become a darling of popular “indie” Spotify playlists like “Indie Rock Road Trip” and “Feel Good Indie.” Inclusion on playlists like these has played a large role in the popularity of his hit song “Compromised,” which currently has over […]

  • Becoming Puma Blue

    By Ellise Shafer London’s own Jacob Allen on making music under alias Puma Blue, touring the world, and being categorized as bedroom pop I first heard Puma Blue’s music in March of 2018. “(She’s) Just A Phase” showed up on my Spotify Discover Weekly, and I was immediately drawn to its understated complexity. It felt […]

  • Andy Vastagh of Boss Construction

    By Finn Hewes Mar 14, 2019 In discussions about the music industry, graphic artists are often overlooked — a strange fact considering that we adorn our walls with posters of our favorite bands, buy t-shirts depicting the same artwork, and sometimes even etch iconic album covers permanently into our skin… I Googled “music poster industry” […]

  • Building Broken Robots

    By Ellise Shafer Crudely marked by pink-white scars, 38-year-old Tony Baker’s hands serve as a mangled road map to the eight years he spent in the depths of heroin addiction. Damage from shooting up caused his hands to swell to twice their normal size, with the middle finger of his left hand bent permanently at […]

  • SXSW: A Conversation with The Ophelias

    Interview conducted by Ellise Shafer Video by Finn Hewes Spencer Peppet of The Ophelias sat down with WNUR next to a cactus to talk about keeping the band together through college, their 8,000 influences and “token girls.” This interview has been edited and condensed. Ellise Shafer: Tell us about how The Ophelia’s came to be. […]

  • SXSW: A Conversation with Bambara

    Interview conducted by Ellise Shafer Video by Finn Hewes Bambara chatted with WNUR at SXSW 2019 about (pretty much) being a band of brothers, the narrative nature of Shadow on Everything and the future of noise rock. This interview has been edited and condensed. Ellise Shafer: How did you all get your start? Blaze Bateh […]

  • In Memoriam: A Conversation with Her’s

    Interview conducted by Ellise Shafer Video by Finn Hewes WNUR got the chance to talk to Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading of Her’s at SXSW 2019. Just a week and a half later, they were killed in a car crash along with their tour manager, Trevor Engelbrektson, while traveling from Phoenix to California. As is […]

  • SXSW: A Conversation with Bane’s World

    Interview conducted by Ellise Shafer Video by Finn Hewes, video edited by Ellise Shafer WNUR met with Shane Blanchard of Bane’s World at SXSW to discuss Flog Gnaw, bedroom pop and why the name has nothing to do with Wayne’s World. This interview has been edited and condensed. Ellise Shafer: How’s SXSW been so far? […]