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  • Evanston native David Safran on the re-release of Delicate Parts

    BY REBECCA SHAID Over 20 years since his first appearance on WNUR and nine years since the release of his album, Delicate Parts, David Safran joined WNUR to discuss the re-release of his LP and his passion for music.  After recently being signed by a record label, Safran remastered and re-released his 2012 album Delicate […]

  • Girl K releases new song “White Roses”

    BY SUSANNA KEMP Girl K has released a new single, “White Roses.” The song is the Chicago band’s first release since their 2019 sophomore album, For Now, and it’s fast-paced and catchy, both bitter and wanting. The accompanying black-and-white video is simple yet entrancing, featuring people with sheets over their heads dressed as ghosts. They […]

  • Review: Home, Rhye

    BY REBECCA SHAID Mike Milosh, the singer and musical genius behind Rhye, came back for his fourth album, Home, on Jan. 22. This new album is an ode to the home Milosh recently moved to in the Santa Monica Mountains and the relationship he’s building there with partner and album-collaborator Genevieve Medow-Jenkins, especially since isolating […]

  • Jay Towns releases new song “Green”

    BY NICK FRANCIS School of Communication junior Jay Towns is the jack of all trades: photography, music, acting, YouTube creation and more. His new single, “Green,” which dropped mid-November, is just one example of how he, a burgeoning media creator and artist, is vying for a foothold in the music industry. Towns, a theater major […]

  • Alex Banin releases new song “Hawthorne”

    BY YASMEEN ALTAJI Pictured: A still from the “Hawthorne” video. (Photo/Michael del Rosario) Alex Banin returned on Monday with her latest single, “Hawthorne.” The song, another collaboration between Banin and producer vlush, is available on Spotify and Apple Music.  “Hawthorne” is the Chicago-based artist’s third release this year. The single, which Banin wrote in March, […]