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  • Japanese Breakfast at Thalia Hall

    By Rebecca Shaid Photos by Alexandra Zaragoza 12 Oct, 2021 I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Japanese Breakfast’s opening act, Hannah Bussiere, who goes by the stage name Luna Li. I only started listening to the singer-songwriter a few days before the concert thanks to a friend’s recommendation, but I’m glad I did because […]

  • The HU at Park West

    by Rory Nguyen and Lucas Sant’Anna Photos by Lucas Sant’Anna 13 Oct, 2021 To me nothing screams “metal” more than electrified traditional instruments and musically repurposed war cries. Those things and more define the unique sound of The HU, a four-piece Mongolian-folk-rock-turned-heavy-metal band, who lit up Park West on Wednesday night with a cathartic ninety-minute […]

  • Sam Soto/One South Lark/The Polar Boys at Subterranean

    Rebecca Shaid    The first opener of the night was indie-rock artist, Sam Soto. What stood out first about Soto was his incredible style and particularly, his round glasses that he kept on throughout the entire course of the night. For opening purposes, he was perfect. His electro music completely lifted the crowd, which isn’t […]

  • Lucy Dacus at The Vic

    By Alexandra Zaragoza 11 Oct, 2021 Adrenaline consumed me as I ran through the rain to get inside The Vic. I felt a sense of normalcy as soon as I set foot inside the concert hall, which was beginning to fill with people who were excited to see Lucy Dacus perform live. For many of […]

  • Porter Robinson at Navy Pier

    BY CHRISTIAN WADE 9 OCT, 2021 As the electronic music scene has shifted from the bass-overloaded dubstep era of the early 2010s to the more synth-pop-y sound of today, one name has consistently been at its forefront nearly the entire time. Having long shaken off the “rising star” label that was seemingly bestowed upon him […]

  • Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing at Thalia Hall

    BY CHRISTIAN WADE 6 OCT, 2021 This concert was a long time in the making. When Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing first announced their joint “Out in the Way” tour (named after their song on Beach Fossils’ 2011 debut EP What a Pleasure), the date was January 7. 2020. Yes, that 2020. The 2020 that […]

  • Del Water Gap at Schubas

    BY STUART SUMNER PHOTO BY LUCAS SANT’ANNA 9 OCT, 2021 Holden Jaffe – known by his band-turned-solo-project stage name Del Water Gap – says he feels as though he were playing his “first Del Water Gap show” Saturday night at the sold-out Schubas, his first live performance in nearly two years.  This is my first […]

  • A&O Blowout 2021, ft. Raveena and Willow Smith

    BY ELEANOR COLLIGAN PHOTOS BY REBECCA SHAID 9 OCT, 2021 The first word that comes to mind to describe R&B singer Raveena Aurora is angelic. Her voice, her performance and her presence on stage all vouch for this description. Fitted in an iconic Virgin Suicides skirt, Raveena started her set by revealing it was her […]

  • A Conversation with The Nude Party

    BY ETHAN SHANFELD PHOTOS BY CHRISTIAN WADE 7 OCT, 2021 Somewhere between Appalachia and Laurel Canyon — between Neil Young and The Velvet Underground — lies The Nude Party. The North Carolina band dazzled on stage at Lincoln Hall on Thursday, bringing their twangy, fuzzy, booze-soaked brand of rock of roll to Chicago. Sporting bolo […]

  • Josh Ritter at Old Town School of Folk

    BY ETHAN SHANFELD 2 Oct, 2021 “I’ve been planning my outfit for over a year,” Josh Ritter quipped on stage at the Old Town School of Folk Music on Saturday. Motioning to his purple floral pants, he continued, “And this is what I chose.” Ritter treated fans to an intimate acoustic show inside the venue’s […]