[lab_heading title=”Mail”][/lab_heading]

Please send any written comments about the station or physical releases (CDs, LPs, Cassettes, MP3s, etc.) to the mailing address listed below. To ensure that your mail gets to the right person, include “ATTN: [Genre of Music]” in the address line. Prior to sending us any content, take a look at our schedule to ensure that your music would fit with the ethos of our station.


ATTN: [Genre of Music]

WNUR 89.3 FM

1877 Campus Drive

Evanston, IL 60208

[lab_heading title=”Phone”][/lab_heading]

You can contact us in-studio to make a request, obtain track information, or to just chat with our DJs by calling 847.866.WNUR [9687]. We look forward to hearing from you!

[lab_heading title=”Email”][/lab_heading]

Reach out to us via email for any inquiries, concerns, or questions about how to get involved.

[lab_heading title=”Management”][/lab_heading]

Any non-content block specific inquiries or questions can be directed to our Executive Board. Information on how to do so and who to specifically reach with each type of concern is listed below.


General Managers: General inquiries about the station

Abigail Everding, James Barrs |


Programming Director: DJ or programming-related concerns

Lucy Poteshman |


Operations Director: FCC regulations or station operating procedures

Ellie Fulkerson |


Business Director: Station budget, discretionary funding, or underwriting initiatives

Olivia Lee |


Phoneathon Director: Our annual Phoneathon fundraiser

Liz Solleder |


Events and Outreach Directors: External events and outreach initiatives

Kate Hader, Mo Tulaimat |


Media: Articles, concert coverage, social media content, ticket giveaways, promotions, and PR

Catie Moore, Yasmeen Altaji |


Traffic Director: PSAs and automated programming

Sean Malaisrie |


Community DJ Liaisons: Non-student programming

Lou Berkman |

Burrow Klown |

[lab_heading title=”On-Air Programming”][/lab_heading]

Digital releases and any label and artist inquiries can be sent via email to the individual Music Directors and Executive Producers for each content block. Contact information for them is provided below.



Jack Parker |



Huma Khan |



Mackenzie Gentz |


Rock Show

Rory Nguyen, Hannah Barton, Cora Pancoast |



David Sten |



Alex Harrison |


WNUR Sports

Eric Rynston-Lobel, John Volk|

[lab_heading title=”Faculty”][/lab_heading]

Reach out to our faculty at the contact information provided below.


Chief Operator

Nick Hoeppner |


Faculty Advisor

Brian Perkinson |


Financial Advisor

Patti Herman |