Streetbeat Apprenticeship Block

WNUR Streetbeat is a show dedicated to showcasing the sound of the electronic and hip-hop underground. It was officially launched in 1983 as a spin off of the Soul Show, which explored eclectic rhythms from disco to spoken word throughout the 1970s. Streetbeat has an incredible legacy—it was one of the first shows to play Chicago house music over the airwaves. Two of the genre’s pioneers, Frankie Knuckles and Jesse Saunders, were interviewed on Streetbeat.    In the 1990s, Streetbeat expanded its influence as a wellspring of underrepresented electronic music. The Strictly Jungle Show, hosted by DJ Snuggles, was the first weekly drum ‘n’ bass show in the country, and internationally acclaimed DJs Mark Farina and Derrick Carter both hosted shows on Streetbeat. Streetbeat also hosted the late, legendary musician and producer DJ Rashad, a pioneer of Chicago footwork.    Today, the show is home to community DJs including Michael Serafini, owner of Gramophone Records, as well as Northwestern alum Lauren Lowery, who joined Streetbeat in 1985 and continues to celebrate the magic of the Chicago scene with her co-host Lori Branch on their show “Vintage House.”    Those who join Streetbeat learn how to DJ, which is pretty cool, but they also join a community of people who are passionate about preserving the history of dance music and pushing it into unchartered waters.