Five New Songs to Listen to When Stuck at Home

By Yasmeen Altaji

5 May, 2020

If you, like me, are growing tired of hearing about the reality of these “unprecedented” and “uncertain” times, here’s your chance to listen to something new. Artists have taken this stay-at-home period to tap into their creative processes and produce an inundation of new material. Here is a handful of my personal favorite quarantine-era singles.

The Most Beautiful Thing — Bruno Major

This collaboration with Finneas O’Connell doesn’t stray far from Bruno Major’s mellow character that can be heard in so much of his music. A lamenting guitar track and a simple kick pattern make this love song, if I may, a beautiful thing to listen to whether or not you’re stuck at home.

Disrespectful — Dounia

The Moroccan-American singer and producer releases music pretty frequently, so “Disrespectful” didn’t come as a surprise. The washed up vocals and low-key, ambient percussion on her latest track will be sure to, in her own words, “deep cleanse” your playlist.

Imagine U — Omar Apollo

It’s good; trust me.

Dolerme — Rosalía

In a post about the song, the Catalonian artist followed a message about quarantine by stating that “…for me, to be able to make music is [good] mental health.” Listen to this single for a glimpse of what Rosalía is capable of outside of the studio.

6 Feet Apart — Alec Benjamin

It’s a telltale title, but Benjamin still manages to keep his typical narrative lyrics engaging nonetheless. Give this piece a listen for a refreshing take on an all too familiar story.