Looking Ahead: Riot Fest 2018

Get ready for a whiplash-inducing weekend of back-to-back-to-back sets, because Riot Fest is here! After much speculation about the festival’s lineup, scheduling and general occurrence, Sept. 14-16 are finally upon us. Daily schedules were released Wednesday morning and reflect headliner Blink-182’s recent replacement by Weezer, Run the Jewels and Taking Back Sunday. Regardless, we are all now swimming in a confusing sea of set times, stage names and conflicting performances.

To help, I’ve teamed up with Stella Frentress, who’ll be covering the festival with me, and WNUR’s Content Coordinator Finn Hewes to provide an extensive, jam-packed schedule of our picks that you can either follow, reference or scoff at. Your choice.

Hydrate and eat a big breakfast, kids, because this is going to be a big one.

Friday, Sept. 14

Speedy Ortiz: 1-1:30 p.m., Roots Stage
This four-piece band, centered around singer and guitarist Sadie Dupuis, will kick off the weekend with her earnest voice to the tune of her band’s deep bass and lively arrangements.

Direct Hit!: 1:35-2:05 p.m., Riot Stage
For 11 years, this pop-punk band has been releasing a steady stream of upbeat anthems and guitar breaks with some serious drive.

Typesetter: 2:30-3:10, Rebel Stage
New song alert! This brash and loud band put out a new single, Monogamy I, last Friday, putting exactly one week between its release and this performance. Amazing.

The Aquabats!: 3:15-4, Rise Stage
Ska-punk gets big with this 8-piece (minimum) band. Get ready for a wide open sound from a ton of different overlaying instruments.

The Front Bottoms: 4:40-5:25 p.m., Riot Stage
The duo caught our attention with their interesting blend of pop, rock and punk influences and lyrics that ebb and flow in never ending waves.

Matt & Kim: 5:30-6:30, Roots Stage
This pair of Brooklyn musicians has been around for what feels like forever–which is not even close to a bad thing. Their sixth album, ALMOST EVERYDAY, came out this past May, adding to a long, happy history of quirky jams.

Bleachers: 6:35-7:35 p.m., Riot Stage
Built around the lyrical genius of Jack Antonoff, this rock outfit will have get you on your feet, shouting lyrics to anthems we love.

Young the Giant: 7:40-8:40 p.m., Roots Stage
In case you missed this whimsy and spirited band’s headlining set on Dillo Day (shame!), I’ll remind you: it was magnificent. Pouring rain and an animated on-stage presence ended the night with a bang.

Dropkick Murphys 8:30-9:30, Rise Stage
This is going to be a wild one, full of this band’s high-energy signature Celtic punk. I can’t even imagine how fun, weird and spirited this will be live.

Weezer: 8:45-10, Riot Stage
End your night by catching the last part of Weezer’s set, aka feel good, guitar-heavy pop rock. You’ll definitely be singing along.

Saturday, Sept. 15

The Districts: 1:05-1:50 p.m., Riot Stage
Start off your day with a softer, indie/anti-pop that feels genuine, intuitive and timeless. This one has the potential to be quite special.

–Keep an eye out for an interview with the band on Saturday afternoon by the lovely Stella Frentress!–

The Frights: 1:55-2:40 p.m., Roots Stage
Don’t let the name feel you–you’ll enjoy a youthful set with a beachy vibe, and hear raw, relatable lyrics. Listening to frontman Mikey Carnevale on the band’s August 24th release, Hypochondriac, you get the feeling that he’s been through some shit.

Mannequin Pussy: 2:30-3:15 p.m., Rise Stage
Distinctly feminine vocals receive sharp contrast against a punk rock backdrop and thick guitar bridges.

Bully: 3:45-4:30 p.m., Rise Stage
Lead vocalist Alicia Bognanno adds a cheeky edge to this band, with a voice that could fit either gossip-filled brunch with the girls or sassy back talk to a mom that’s ~so~ uncool.

Wolfmother: 5-5:45 p.m., Radicals Stage
The gritty, leather-clad rock our parents grew up to gets psychedelic twists and turns under Andrew Stockdale’s distinctively campy voice.

Twin Peaks: 5:30-6:30 p.m., Roots Stage
This group of four Chicago natives is coming home, bringing along ‘60s influences and a snug sound that will create a buffer between you and the real world.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters: 6:35-7:35 p.m., Riot Stage
Elvis Costello, a man of many hats and many bands, is an absolute icon. Catch him now and you might hear unreleased tracks from his upcoming album, Look Now, set to be released in October with The Imposters. It will be his first in five years.

Interpol: 7:40-8:40 p.m., Roots Stage
I hate to do this to you–and to me–but it’s time to run. After hitting up Interpol, whose set should heavily feature their August 24th release, Marauder, make a break for the Rise Stage to catch the end of The Jesus Lizard’s set.

The Jesus Lizard, 8-9 p.m., Rise Stage
You made it, great! Formed in the late ‘80s, this Chicago band is authentic underground noise rock. They broke up, then got back together, then broke up again, and are now, well, together again. Once you’re done enjoying this band, run to the Riots Stage for Beck.

Beck: 8:45-10 p.m., Riot Stage
Colors, a seamless blend of alternative roots and today’s bright, electronic trends, was the first album I ever bought on vinyl. And with a discography going back 24 years, I doubt I’ll be the only one in my happy place during his return to Chicago.

Sunday, Sept. 16

Mom Jeans.: 12:20-12:50 p.m., Riot Stage
Fitting right in with any arrangement of ‘90s garage rock bands, this group will be a fresh, bustling way to start the day.

Beach Goons: 12:55-1:25 p.m., Roots Stage
Their Aug. 24th release, hoodratscumbags, showcases their energy-driven breaks overlaid with urgent and sincere vocals.

Calpurnia: 1:30-2:10 p.m., Riot Stage
The indie rock foursome is beachy, light and airy. We’re looking forward to jamming out with big smiles.

Spitalfield: 3-3:45 p.m., Radicals Stage
Started in Chicago, this punk rock band is melodic and smooth. They haven’t put out anything new since 2006, so I’m expecting their performance to feel more sophisticated and professional.

Bullet for my Valentine: 3:45-4:30 p.m., Rise Stage
This band a staple for any metalhead–which I’m not–but I can imagine it’ll be great to experience the adrenaline of their music firsthand .

Suicidal Tendencies: 4:40-5:40 p.m., Riot Stage
Keep the energy going with these quick-tongued punk rock pros, who’ve been producing music since the early ‘80s.

Dillinger Four: 5:45-6:45 p.m., Rebel Stage
Busy and strong, their arrangements are highly concentrated and fast-paced. Maximum amounts of headbanging is achievable here.

The Wonder Years: 7-8 p.m., Radicals Stage
Melancholy but hopeful, this punk rock band’s sound is dynamic and full. You’ll be able to both dance and wave a lighter during this set.

Father John Misty: 7:55-8:55 p.m., Roots Stage
No explanation needed. Just go. Please.

Run the Jewels: 9-10 p.m., Riot Stage
End the weekend with a bang. This legendary duo is the only hip hop group on our schedule this weekend, but I’m okay with that because of how incredible this will be live. Let’s GO.