MisterWives at Metro

By Daniella Tello-Garzon

Photos by Sydney Crawford

15 Nov, 2019

According to their facebook, MisterWives’ upbeat music fits under four genres: soul, dance, pop and folk. This is not surprising, considering their unwillingness to fit into just one category.

“Someone once told us we’re not cool enough and that we’re too colorful and too goofy and that we don’t fit in a box… I’m here to tell you to never fit in the fucking box,” said lead singer Mandy Lee at their concert this Friday at the Metro.  The fact is, MisterWives does not fit into the fucking box.

The name of this tour, No Place Like Home, refers to the The Wizard of Oz, seen throughout Friday’s performance. Dorothy’s voice could be heard saying “There’s no place like home” through the speakers periodically, and a cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was sang right before the song “stories”. 

Ironically, MisterWives started their set list with “the end,” and the excitement onstage was paralleled by the audience. In a neon-green outfit, Lee made it look easy to sing beautifully while doing a high kick.

There is also something to be said about the opener, Foreign Air, which played for a full 45 minutes. Although the energy for the opener differed from the intense energy level during MisterWives, the audience was definitely vibing, and the guitarist was having the time of his life onstage.

During the last song of MisterWives’ setlist, “Our Own House,” the other members of the band (William Hehir, Etienne Bowler, Marc Campbell and Dr. Blum) surprised the audience by emerging from the upstairs area and marching down to where the audience was congregated. Everyone’s energy level and excitement increased significantly and stayed that way until the end of the performance, when Lee ended the song by saying “thank you so much, Chicago.” 


  1. the end 
  2. Coloring Outside The Lines 
  3. Drummer Boy 
  4. Hurricane 
  5. Never GIve Up On Me 
  6. stories 
  7. coming up for air 
  8. find my way home 
  9. Truth Hurts (cover) 
  10. Machine 
  11. Reflections 
  12. whywhywhy 
  13. Vagabond 
  14. Our Own House