Phoneathon 2019


WNUR Phoneathon 2019

Phoneathon is a ten day period, MAR. 3 thru MAR. 10, during which our fabulous listeners choose to support our station.

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Phoneathon is an enabler. Without it, WNUR simply would not exist. Or…it might, but we would have to go corporate, which we can all agree would be a shame.
Our entire operating budget comes from Phoneathon. That means:

  • • All of our equipment •

  • • All of our events •

  • • Our entire programming •

  • • Our Livelihood! •

  • • Our Existence! •

It all depends on your generous donations.


What does the donor get, you ask? You mean, besides the best radio station in the world? Oh, we have an expansive list of over 200 thank-you gifts (premiums) that we send out to our gracious donors. Note that if you choose to receive a premium for your donation to WNUR, the tax deductibility of your donation will be reduced by the fair market value of any goods you receive.