Robert Warmowski Memorial Celebration

By Thomas Kikuchi

21 Oct, 2019

Following Robert Warmowski’s sudden and early death was the instant praise of the life that he breathed into Chicago and the world. If you had never gotten the chance to know him or catch one of his live shows, much like I didn’t, you at least have unknowingly been affected by his kindness and unique positivity that supports much of the music scene today.  

There was so much life and energy that Rob attracted, and you could feel that just with how positive everyone looked. Every musician was dedicated to showing just how much he impacted them in one way or another. Energy, enthusiasm, and love truly filled everyone’s heart, all directed at the lone bass with a White Socks cap on it.  

I’ll keep my comments brief, and those interested in watching the performance can find a live-stream on Facebook. There is also a link to the donation that was running in his honor; all donations are made to Chicago Coalition to the Homeless.  

If you’re out there reading this, just know the effect that you leave on others and how much positivity and love you can spread throughout the world. Rob will surely be missed, but his legacy is long from being forgotten.  

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List of bands that played, in order:

  • DJ Sarah
  • Micahel – CHICAGO COALITION, Chris Bales – STORY CORPS, Maureen, Chris, Steve (Memorium)
  • Mather HS Jazz Band
  • Silver Abuse
  • Dummy (rooked!)
  • 007 (Defioliants)
  • Watchmen
  • Buzzmuscle
  • Sirs
  • San Andreas Fault
  • CHEER-ACCIDENT (“Shaft”)
  • Cheerax/Ono Noise Transition
  • Ono
  • Martin Atkins (Drumming Moment)
  • Pegboy (set ends w/ “Steakhouse”)