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  • Pitchfork Preview: Digable Planets

    Pitchfork Preview: Digable Planets

    SATURDAY, RED STAGE, 3:20 If the fact that Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler named Digable Planets after reading through works by Jorge Luis Borges doesn’t convince you to see them at Red Stage on Saturday afternoon, I don’t know what will. After releasing just two albums since 1993 and disbanding in 1994, the Planets are back together…

  • Chicago Artists on the 2016 Outlook Lineup

    Chicago Artists on the 2016 Outlook Lineup

    Chicago has a history of sending its emerging musical stars overseas to spread the word–and sound–of its modern musical creations. Since the city’s best-known homegrown dance music, house, traveled with Chicago DJs to London and beyond in the mid-1980s, the Windy City hasn’t stopped shuttling iconic sound-prophets across the globe. And with great success–today’s house…