The Fratellis at Metro

By Emily Pappin
May 11, 2018

Friday, May 11 saw the return of The Fratellis to Chicago, and they were received by an enthusiastic audience at Metro in Wrigleyville. Everyone was ready to sing along with The Fratellis older hits and new material, off their 2018 album In Your Own Sweet Time.

First up was the duo Blood Red Shoes from Brighton, England. With Laura-Mary Carter on vocals and guitar and Steven Ansell on drums and vocals, they delivered a punk sound that shook the floor. In the middle of the set, one audience member shouted out, asking them to perform their new single. Ansell responded by yelling “You’re a psychic motherfucker! This our new single, called ‘God Complex.’” The rest of the set passed, and at the end Carter let her guitar buzz as she held it up in the air in celebration before carefully setting it down on the stage, ensuring the noise would continue long after the duo bowed and left the stage.

After the stage was reset, the lights suddenly went dark and the crowd roared. No one came out–instead can-can music started up, and went on for a solid few minutes before The Fratellis finally took the stage, opening with their song “Got Ma Nuts From a Hippie” off of their iconic 2007 album Costello Music, closely followed by “I’ve Been Blind” from their most recent release.

Throughout the night, The Fratellis did a great job interspersing the old hits everyone really wanted to hear with their new material, which the audience still seemed to know inside and out. Jon, Mince, and Barry Fratelli delivered their iconic sound as they rocketed straight through a 21-song set with no breaks to speak or interact with the audience. It was a straightforward night without any theatrics, and the fans were clearly there for the music itself.

Crowd favorites “Creepin Up the Backstairs” and “Vince the Loveable Stoner” were worked into the middle of the set, with “Henrietta” and “Baby Fratelli” coming at the end, all from Costello Music. This was when the fake encore came, as the band left the stage and the audience stayed and cheered, waiting for the songs they knew had to be coming.

The Fratellis bounced back on stage for “We Need Medicine,” and, finally, the song everyone was waiting for–”Chelsea Dagger.” They’d been gifted a Fratelli Blackhawks jersey, and bassist Barry proudly showed it off to the crowd, eliciting a huge cheer, expressing the combined energy given to the crowd by both live music and hometown pride.