Ticket Giveaways: How To Kill, White Material, Chrissy

WNUR Steetbeat is teaming up with Metro/Smartbar for some giveaways! And all tickets will be given away on the streetbeat fb page!


How to Kill Showcase

How To Kill is a new endeavor from Detroit collective F.A.M.E. These anonymous artists have been involved in the Detroit dance music scene for over 15 years in various capacities. Some hold DJ residencies at Detroit’s current mecca for dance music, TV Lounge, others have had releases on Apollo Records, Two Circles, and Sly Fox Records. The collective had it’s first release this year on Greg Wilson’s A&R edits imprint, which was well received and found it’s way to the top ten on Juno’s disco charts. 10-18-13 sees the release of the first vinyl-only imprint of the Detroiters’ massive catalog of unreleased, unique dancefloor couture.




White Material Showcase

Most new record labels take a few releases to establish themselves, especially when the people behind them are unknown. They cultivate a sound and a look, a vision begins to emerge, and then we start to buy their records. That’s generally how it works. White Material, however, positively burst out of the blocks. Their first four records quickly sold out, leading to inflated Discogs prices and frustrated fans craving what they couldn’t get. Read the rest of the feature here. 





Chrissy is a genre-bending DJ/producer with productions on esteemed labels like Classic, Freerange, Razor N Tape, Tugboat Edits, and Hypercolour. He co-runs The Nite Owl Diner label with Alex Burkat, and is a resident DJ at the legendary Chicago nightclub Smartbar. The nite owl diner is a streetbeat label in residence.