WNUR Brings Vinyl to Norris

Sharing Music for $5 or less


This Thursday WNUR sold vinyl records on the ground floor of Norris, allowing students, staff and visitors the opportunity to look through and purchase a few gems from our extensive collection of sounds for $5 or less.

Due to the renovation of Louis Halls’ production studio, many of WNUR’s records were left without a home, so we organized the WNUR 89.3FM Winter Vinyl Fair to showcase many years’ worth of archived material. We also had a listening deck set up so that participants could sample the records available.

We appreciate the people who came through to support! Many browsed our collection, and WNUR DJs, music enthusiasts and people just passing by spent the day bonding over eclectic sleeve art and music from the past.  Enjoy these pictures from the event, and stay tuned for more content.


Experience the Event

Photos by Lauren Harris


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