WNUR kicks off its annual Phoneathon fundraiser


Friday, April 16 marks the start of Phoneathon, WNUR’s one and only annual fundraising event! For students and alumni alike, WNUR serves as a beacon of the Northwestern experience, a community and a way to share interests. The station’s mission – to promote underrepresented music and ideas through the discovery of musicians, genres, current events and sports – has played a significant part in shaping college radio. Now in it’s 71st year, “Chicago’s Sound Experiment” has maintained its ad-free experience through the support of listeners and through Phoneathon, its annual fundraising event happening April 16-25. 

This event is the one week where WNUR asks its listeners to continue to support the station and ensure it continues to provide the highest quality listening experience throughout the next year. Donations through Phoneathon allow for the station, alongside its staff of 400+ student and community DJs, to continue advocating for underrepresented voices in music, news and sports alike. 

Over the past year, the challenges raised by Covid-19 have made it difficult for many students and supporters to cultivate the same sense of community that has made WNUR so special for all these years. Phoneathon comes at a critical time this year, with the hopes for a full-time return to Louis Hall and future events hosted by the station. Phoneathon director Kate Hader says, “I can’t wait to see all the incredible things the station will be able to do (hopefully) very soon.”

Supporters can make donations online by visiting wnur.org/donate