WNUR x Evanston SPACE: Musaic Vol. 1

Evanston SPACE, a music venue and bar in Evanston, reached out to WNUR to organize an event to attract a younger crowd. What came of this was the experimental concert, “WNUR x Evanston SPACE: Musaic Vol. 1,” organized by Jeremiah Smith, WNUR’s Programming Director, and Madeline Higgins, Executive Board Member and DJ. The two curators invited bands from the greater Chicago area: The Walters, mtvghosts, Slushy and BPO, a group comprised of Northwestern’s own Mariam Al Askari, Tommy Carroll, Karl Maher, Emai Cepeda. Streetbeat DJs, TUPLETT, Cam & Rudy ( DR.JECKYL & MR.GOON) and MARC SHIQUAN also represented WNUR with sets before, between, and after band performances.
SPACE wanted the concert to attract at least 60 people, with the event’s success determining future collaborations between WNUR and the Evanston venue. Experience the event through photos and captions below:

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And if you didn’t get enough, check out these bonus photos. Remember to stay tuned for announcements and coverage on events like this one.

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All images via Lauren Harris.